What is Chaffhaye?

1. Premium NON-GMO Alfalfa

Chaffhaye Alfalfa is premium alfalfa harvested at optimal plant maturity to maximize nutrients and palatability. While still fresh, the crop is chopped into “chaff”, lightly misted with molasses, then individually packed into air-tight packages to lock in freshness

2. Beneficial Fermentation

A natural fermentation transforms the raw alfalfa into a super digestible forage, enriching it with yeast, enzymes and beneficial microflora that aid digestion as well as absorption of its nutrients by the animal. Chaffhaye Alfalfa is soft, easy to chew, and free of dust and mold.


3. The End Result?

An alfalfa enhanced with natural enzymes, yeasts and beneficial bacteria. Easy to digest for your animal and easier to handle for you.

Most animal feeds go through a drying process that removes a majority of the naturally occurring plant juice from the forage. This essentially drains life from the feed. We process Chaffhaye to retain its natural plant juice, preserving the natural probiotics of the feed. By retaining the plant juice, Chaffhaye becomes the closest product you can buy to fresh, natural pasture. Hence, we call it “Premium Pasture in a Bag.”

Why Feed Chaffhaye?

Chaffhaye is designed to be the sole source for the forage portion of the diet. Use as a 100% replacement for dry hay, pellets and cubes. A 50 lbs. bag of Chaffhaye is nutritionally equivalent to 80 – 100 lbs. of baled hay. Your animal will be getting more nutrition with increased digestibility – The fermentation of Chaffhaye greatly increases the digestibility of forages. Based on studies comparing the digestibility of products like Chaffhaye with baled forages, digestibility increased as follows:

Dry Matter 57%
Crude Protein 144%
Crude Fiber 46%

Nutritional Benefits

Low Starch and Sugar Content Chaffhaye alfalfa contains a very low percentage of starch, sugars and fructan, even after being lightly misted with molasses. Because the fermentation converts sugars into beneficial lactic acid, the level of simple sugars in Chaffhaye falls to below 5%, less than the sugar level of most growing pasture or so called “low sugar”commercial feeds.


Highly Digestible – The airtight packaging locks in the nutritional value of Chaffhaye’s premium forage.  The fermentation process produces beneficial bacteria, enzymes and yeast that aid digestion enabling the animal to extract more nutrition from their forage.


Blister Beetle Free – Even though blister beetles are not indigenous to our growing region, we regularly monitor our fields to prevent blister beetle infestation.We have never had an incidence of blister beetles in our forage.

Neutralizer in the Digestive System Alfalfa can act as a buffering agent to regulate the pH (acidity) level in the digestive tract. Without providing a buffer to the pH level in the gut, animals can suffer from higher incidence of ulcers, colic and laminitis. Recent studies have shown that alfalfa both prevented ulcers in horses with no indication of problems and helped horses who already had a situation of ulcers.


Reduces “Hay Belly”-Better absorption means less intestinal fill. Stomachs will begin to tuck in within 10 days. Chaffhaye is an ideal feed for saddled and show animals.

Airborne Mold & Dust Free-As a naturally moist feed, Chaffhaye minimizes respiratory ailments in animals sensitive to dust or airborne mold spores.

Convenience Benefits

Less Waste – Animals normally eat 100% of Chaffhaye fed. As a “pre-digested” forage, animals can assimilate more of its energy and vital nutrients. Animals on Chaffhaye produce up to 50% less manure, reducing fly populations and barnyard cleanup time.


Easy Storage – Chaffhaye can be stored indoor or outdoors. Being compressed it takes up 1/3 the space of baled hay. Chaffhaye has a 18 month shelf life – with no loss of nutritional value.

Easy to Transport – Its compact form and high nutrition density is easier and cheaper to transport. Chaffhaye is ideal for travelers.

Consistency – we control every aspect from farming to packaging to ensure only the highest quality alfalfa makes it into Chaffhaye. Our guaranteed nutritional analysis gives the animal owner the peace of mind in knowing exactly what they are feeding each and every time.


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