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Nov 13 2020 by Yoder's Farm & Garden Supply

We have been feeding Chaffhaye for about a year and a half. I came across Jay Hill's video on YouTube, "30 Harvests". This video struck me on a personal level, as we farmed for a short time until a bad season forced us out. My curiosity sent me to Instagram. His Instagram is how I first learned about Chaffhaye. We started researching the benefits and decided to try it. We initially only purchased a couple of bags to try. Our horses fell in love with it and began expecting it every night; waiting in line to get a little taste while we filled their feed buckets. It quickly became a part of their nightly feeding regimen. Their heads never leave the bucket until every last crumb is gone!

In September of 2019, we adopted a 26 year old Dark Bay Thoroughbred who came to us extremely underweight and malnourished, as he was recovering from Strangles. His coat was dull and he had only a small amount of hair in his mane and tail. Within months of feeding him the Chaffhaye, he began to fill out around his ribs, back bone, and tail bone. Not only was he progressing forward with his weight, but his mane and tail started to thicken and his coat started to improve. As he began looking healthier, he also became a happier horse that still has a lot of spunk left in him!

We truly believe the Chaffhaye is what made him healthier. We have complete faith in Chaffhaye, witnessing first hand the benefits of feeding it to our horses. We will forever be customers and cannot thank you enough for saving our horse! Thank you Jay Hill and Chaffhaye!

A comparison of Chaffhaye and alfalfa hay on digestibility and glucose metabolism in mature, stock type horses

Ashley Hansen, MS - New Mexico State University

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