Mini Horse Laminitis

Mini Horse Laminitis - Carpinteria, CA

Jun 28 2021 by Lois Burwell

Dream is my very much loved mini horse who has laminitis. Feeding Dream soaked hay wasn’t working plus it was very labor intensive. Then an equestrian friend suggested we try Chaffhaye. We looked it up, read all the details, and consulted with our vet before introducing Chaffhaye to Dream.

It has been three years now since Dream’s last lamanitic episode and I really do think it’s the Chaffhaye that’s helped her. Plus, she loves it! Not a single piece is left in her feed trough. And I like the texture and fragrance too. It’s compact and stores easily in my small hay barn and keeps very well. All in all, Chaffhaye gets a big thumbs up from Dream and myself!

Lois Burwell
Carpinteria, CA

A comparison of Chaffhaye and alfalfa hay on digestibility and glucose metabolism in mature, stock type horses

Ashley Hansen, MS - New Mexico State University

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