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Nov 13 2020 by Kearney Feed

We LOVE Chaffhaye! We raise a small herd of Dairy goats and started using Chaffhaye about one year ago, really working it into my conditioning for pre kidding routine and then continued into milking season. Over the months, I've noticed a change in their coat and overall general appearance. The goats behavior is super happy, generally speaking. Which tells me that they have happy bellies.

After kidding, I would offer Chaffhaye starting at 4 days old to the kids to get their rumens ready for pasture living! Once I began milking full time, I would feed a helping each morning on the stand and I started to see an increase of milk production, which is related to feed intake we all know. But, knowing that the feed they were eating was healthy and good for them makes me so happy.

I will continue to feed Chaffhaye as long as we raise animals here on our homestead. Thank you!!

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