Increased Goat Milk Production

Increased Goat Milk Production - Danielson, CT

Apr 28 2021 by Michelle Lyon and Sue Barry

Chaffhaye should be a staple for any livestock farmer as it benefits so many areas of raising your animals and keeping them in top-notch health. It is a premium chopped bagged forage that captures fresh pasture with a wonderful level of nutrition. Here are a few of the many benefits:

• high in fiber which helps keep digestion in great working order
• high in protein which helps growth, their reproductive performance and improves skin and coats
• high in crude fat which increases energy
• great balance of carbohydrates which are easily digested
• contains beneficial microflora (fiber digesting bacteria) which helps animals absorb the nutrients more efficiently resulting in better nutrition.

This list goes on, but our firsthand testimony is that we have seen an increase in milk production since we have started using Chaffhaye. We offer this free choice to our herd in their nightly feeding and top dress the grain when the mamas are on the milking stand. The babies love it too!

With milk production being a high priority for our farm and soap company, we were thrilled when Chaffhaye asked us to partner up with them this season. I highly recommend heading over to their website to find a dealer near you!

Michelle and Sue
Sparrow Soaps

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