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Nov 13 2020 by C&E Feeds

On a barge, across the ocean on green plastic-wrapped pallets is how I get Chaffhaye. I make my order months in advance to make sure I always have a pallet on hand just in case the boats don’t sail.

We at Kodiak Baptist Mission's Heritage Farm & Ranch have the only Grade A Certified goat in the state of Alaska and happen to be on the remote island of Kodiak (yep the one known for the big Kodiak Brown Bear). I am a true testimony that when you find something that works and helps keep your herd happy, healthy, and producing you’ll do just about anything to get it. That’s how I feel about Chaffhaye.

A few of the biggest highlights for me . . .

1. Kodiak averages around 80 inches of rain a year. The sealed Chaffhaye bag guarantees a fresh product every time. You really pay for what you get and I know it will be quality with every opened bag.

2. It’s all about the cud. If you could hop on an hour plane ride or 10-hour ferry to Kodiak you’d see a herd of goats looking like they are chewing gum. These ladies have the healthiest guts and when it comes to goats that means a high producing healthy animal. I don’t have the luxury of a large animal vet on the island, so giving my herd all the advantages I can makes Chaffhaye an easy winner in my book.

3. Chaffhaye has their priorities straight. They care about the people that work for them and make every effort to champion the underdog and speak truth and life. It’s refreshing and I’ll happily get behind their message of hope for America. We are a teaching farm here that values our next generation and they clearly have the future in mind.

So that’s it. Chaffhaye is a clear winner. Give it a try and I can guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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