Canyon Feed and Tack

Canyon Feed and Tack - Orange, CA

Nov 13 2020 by Canyon Feed and Tack

We adopted our mule (Cami) in October 2019, and found out she loaded with strongyles. Her coat was dull and she had abdominal distention due to the inflammation and damage caused by the overload of parasites. Cami also suffered from terrible diarrhea. You could tell how uncomfortable she was. She didn't allow anyone to touch her stomach. With the direction of her vet, we immediately started her on a six-month worming program. We also added Chaffhaye to her feeding routine. After 12 months, her coat is now shiny, she is worm free and the inflammation in her abdomen is gone. Chaffhaye has given her a healthy GI system and helped her heal from all the intestinal damage and inflammation caused by parasites. She's now a happy. healthy mule, enjoying life. Chaffhaye is a must-have in our barn, and the best part is our animals LOVE it!

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