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Oct 27 2020 by pixelByte

Hi ya'll! I’m Katie with Garrett Koza Farm in North Texas. We have a small herd of Nigerian Dwarf goats bred for milk + show, and I had heard lots of farmers, through social media, using Chaffhaye. It wasn't until I read that Chaffhaye can help with hay belly that we jumped in.

We noticed a difference in hay belly within days of using Chaffhaye! Not only did I notice the goats weren't getting hay belly anymore, our bucks look fantastic and their buck pen doesn't share pasture access like the does. While they have free choice hay all day, they prefer their Chaffhaye. Their body condition is absolutely fantastic, and I attribute it largely to the Chaffhaye in their diet.

We also have less pasture space than most small farms, so it was important to us that we find a feed regiment that would keep them in the healthiest shape possible. Our goats come running for their Chaffhaye in the morning, grain at night in their barn, and have free choice alfalfa hay and pasture during the day.

The goats love their Chaffhaye, and so do we!

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