Why Is There Molasses in Chaffhaye?

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Why Is There Molasses in Chaffhaye?

Oct 17 2018 by Chaffhaye

If you’ve ever read the ingredients listed on a Chaffhaye bag, you’ve probably seen the words “kiss of molasses” and wondered how much that actually is. We get this question pretty often, so today we will share a couple trade secrets of why we add that sweet “kiss” of molasses to every bag of Chaffhaye Alfalfa.

The Process
The “kiss” of molasses refers to the two tablespoons that are drizzled over the freshly chopped hay while it moves along the production conveyor. Two tablespoons per 50lb bag may seem like an insignificant amount for a large animal, but it is actually intended for the microscopic bacteria that are naturally living in the fresh forage. These bacteria are very helpful, and the molasses is their initial food source. The beneficial bacteria convert these sugars (along with the sugars in the alfalfa) to lactic acid that begins to lower the pH inside the bag, a process called- anaerobic fermentation. Anaerobic fermentation locks in the natural freshness, hence the slogan- “Pasture in a Bag”.

The Benefits
Upon opening a bag of Chaffhaye, there is no longer any molasses remaining, just the sweet-smelling (and tasting) reminder of its’ former existence. What does remain, is a forage that has been 50% broken down and teeming with beneficial bacteria ready to assist your animal in their digestion. When consuming this highly digestible forage, your animal is introducing all these good bugs into their digestive track, this is great for their digestion and an important factor in their overall health and well-being.

Nowadays, molasses can get a bad rap for its’ sugar content. In the case of Chaffhaye, molasses is a key factor in what makes Chaffhaye the lowest-sugar forage and most digestible alfalfa on the market.