Top 5 Dairy Goat Breeds for Small Farms

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Top 5 Dairy Goat Breeds for Small Farms

Apr 19 2018 by Chaffhaye

There are many choices when selecting a dairy goat breed for your small farm. Such factors as: milk production, milk fat content, and temperament are just a few of things to consider when selecting your farm’s dairy goat breed. To help with this difficult decision, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 dairy goat breeds for small farms.


These are fairly large breeds that are mild tempered but need a lot of space to relax and play around. As for milk supply, these breeds give a very high supply of 2-3 gallons a day and an average of 1.5 gallons which is a little low on butterfat content.

Nigerian Dwarf

These ones are often called dwarf breeds but when it comes to their milk supply, it is fairly a lot compared to their miniature size. Their milk has the highest butterfat content which makes it ideal for cheese and cream. Due to their size, these breeds are best in urban settings and around kids as well.


They are known as the steady dependable goats that are easy to manage. Their milk’s taste varies from breeder to breeder but other than that they are known as the steady producers. Their average daily milk supply is around a gallon per day and some really good ones can give 2 to 3 gallons a day. These are fairly medium sized goats that adapt quickly to climatic changes.


The good ones can give milk up to 2 gallons a day and the average ones, around a gallon. Their milk has the highest butterfat, ideal for cheese and soaps. These goats are fairly large in size and a little too loud than the other ones. This makes them a little difficult to be kept around in areas where there are neighbours close by. But these playful breeds are one of the best milk suppliers out there.


These are the friendly easy-going goats that are easy to manage due to their soft temperaments. In terms of milk supply they are pretty reliable too. They on average can supply around 1 to 2 gallons of milk with a butterfat content of around 4%.

The above-mentioned are just few of the top breeds available. There are many others out there where each one has its own specialty and characteristic. You will have to go for the one that will blend in well with your surrounding and will meet your farm’s needs.