Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks

Oct 29 2020 by Chaffhaye

Worried about your Chaffhaye getting frozen in the winter? We have tips for that.

Experiencing the cold front of winter lately and worried about your animal feed. DON’T WORRY! Chaffhaye will freeze given its climate, which is more than okay, but we highly recommend is for you to bring in at least two bags of feed into a warm area, inside if you store your Chaffhaye outside, so it can thaw out. Once it is thawed, feed your animal as you would normally do. We recommend two so you prepare for the following day in case those freezing temperatures last long.

Experiencing small patches of yeast that appear white and form a milky substance? Sometimes these yeast patches are formed in a circle, sometimes randomly throughout the bag, sometimes it is not even present at all. BUT DO NOT BE ALARMED, if you do get these white spots; they are the gift of god and science. These are beneficial yeast designed to improve livestock performance, especially when animals are under stress and in situations of frequent travel or high activity.

Like any fresh product, Chaffhaye must be used within a reasonable period of time once opened. A reasonable timeframe is usually 5-15 days, depending on temperature and how the product is stored. To properly store open bags of Chaffhaye usually keep in a cool area with the top rolled down and fastened. Please leave Chaffhaye in the original bag. If Chaffhaye does happen to go bad on you, you will know it. It has a very rotten smell to it.

The Smell Test can be done as soon as you open up a bag of Chaffhaye. If the smell is sweet and intoxicating, then it is good to feed. If it has a rotten, foul smell then it is bad.

From Green to Gold, we are not your ordinary alfalfa. We pride ourselves on being a premium feed and pride ourselves as one of the best when it comes to proper gut health. While fresh-cut alfalfa may instinctively look more beneficial, our proprietary culturing process unlocks nature’s total digestible nutrients (TDN) for greater animal health. Packed with beneficial yeast colonies, Chaffhaye is an easy to digest premium forage that's chopped, cultured, and bagged fresh at 50% moisture.