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Spotlight: TLC Farms- Lithia, FL

Aug 09 2016 by Chaffhaye

Tanya Cook is the owner of TLC Farms in Lithia, Florida. TLC Farms raises ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and has been a loyal Chaffhaye user since 2013. Last week we spoke with Tanya to learn a little bit more about her farm and her passion for raising Nigerian Dwarfs.

Q. When did you start using Chaffhaye?

I started using Chaffhaye in 2013, I had read about it a couple of years before it made it’s way to Florida. I was excited when a dealer popped up in my area. Chaffhaye replaced peanut hay within the first week and I have not purchased a bale since. Within 30 days my milk production increased about 10% and at 3 months up to 15%. My goats have better digestive systems, nicer coats, healthy hoof growth and look great. My kids grow fat and healthy on it. Chaffhaye helps keep my goats in great condition for milking, showing and breeding.

Q. What do you like most about raising goats?

A. What I love most is the goats themselves. They each have their own personalities. I enjoy spending time caring for and being with them. They are affectionate and will keep me company when working outside.

Q. What breed do you raise and why did you choose that specific breed(s)?

A. I chose Nigerian Dwarfs for their size and the quality of their milk. They produce a very sweet high butterfat milk.

Q. ND’s are hearty milkers. What do you do with all that milk?

A. I got my first Nigerian Dwarf for the milk. Florida does not allow the sale of goat milk products for human consumption but, I do make cheese and soap for personal and family use.

Q. What are your goals/plans for your herd?

My overall goal with my herd is breeding for production and confirmation. I love seeing a Tanya’s Dream goat in the show ring.

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