Drought Preparation

Drought Preparation

Jun 22 2021 by Chaffhaye


Much of the Western half of the United States is in the grip of a severe drought of historic proportions and some livestock producers are already experiencing FEED SHORTAGES due to these drought conditions. Kathleen Johnson, a paleoclimatologist said: “This current drought is potentially on track to become the worst that we’ve seen in at least 1,200 years.”

Not only do drought-stricken areas have less grazing pasture available, but the COST OF FEED SKYROCKETS in drought conditions. Everyone from livestock ranchers to small farm co-ops are trying to buy up what feed is left as they desperately try to keep their animals alive during these severe conditions.

Prepare for drought now by stockpiling bags of Chaffhaye for your animals. A sealed bag of Chaffhaye has a 16 MONTHS SHELF-LIFE.* This premium bagged forage is the closest product you can buy to fresh, natural pasture and is NUTRITIONALLY SUPERIOR to baled hay. With conventional hay prices rapidly increasing, Chaffhaye is now COMPARABLE IN PRICE to those lesser quality feed products.

*Store Chaffhaye bags in a cool dry location.