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DISTRIBUTOR - New Country Organics

Dec 01 2021 by Chaffhaye

Welcome New Country Organics – Another Great Chaffhaye Distributor!

Started by a passionate handful of friends who had a vision of healthier animals and humans, New Country Organics has been in business since 1999. They believe in the Certified Organic program and work hard to find the best products that they themselves use and that they know will be appreciated by their customers.

New Country Organics has become a trusted source for organic poultry and livestock feeds over the years. They have become the online wholesale and retail marketplace connecting organic farmers, enthusiasts, and green gurus to super premium products and emerging brands like Chaffhaye, and many others. To succeed in their mission, they have carefully positioned themselves to provide soy-free, Certified Organic animal feeds and minerals to the entire Continental U.S.

New Country Organics has a Mill Outlet and Fulfillment Center in both Waynesboro, Virginia and Lubbock, Texas. This means that your feeds and minerals are always fresh and can be delivered right to your door in 4 business days or less. Not only do they have an online store available for all retail and wholesale customers, but they also have a network of dealers and major distributors across the country.

Learn about all the benefits of Chaffhaye in our informational handbook:

Download the Chaffhaye handbook as a PDF at: https://chaffhaye.com/about

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