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Chaffhaye for Performance Horses

May 16 2018 by Chaffhaye

Dust & Airborne Mold-Spore Free

Guaranteed dust & airborne mold-spore free. When competing at the highest level, difficulty breathing should be the LAST thing on your animals’ mind

Fuel Your Athlete

loaded with all the nutrients and energy your athlete needs to reach their full potential

No “Hay-Belly”

Less intestinal fill means a better fitting saddle & a better performing athlete

Reduces Stress Related Ailments

Natural probiotics maintain an optimal digestive pH, eliminating ailments caused by travel & stress

​Convenient Packaging

Compressed 50lb bale engineered for easy handling. Chaffhaye takes up less than 1/3 of the space required for baled hay and can be stored inside or out. No mess, no waste, Chaffhaye is perfect for the road.

A comparison of Chaffhaye and alfalfa hay on digestibility and glucose metabolism in mature, stock type horses

Ashley Hansen, MS - New Mexico State University

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