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5 Tools That Every Goat Owner Should Have

May 23 2018 by Chaffhaye

As a new goat farmer, it may seem overwhelming trying to figure out what you need for proper care of your animals. It is always good to prepare for what you need ahead of time but more often than not, the list of items needed is never exhausted. Having the right tools needed for taking care of goats means that you are well equipped for the processes needed for goat maintenance at various stages of development. A vet will come in handy as the first resource that should be involved in goat rearing but some tools are necessary for saving time on the farm.


Goats are prone to lice infestation when their body hair becomes very long. When it is cold, the hair may be left to stay on for warmth but have plans of getting rid of it when the season is over. It is recommended to clip goat’s hair annually so the start of the hot season should be an appropriate time. Short hairs allow the sun to warm the skin directly and this kills lice that may be harboring there. It is recommended to get different blades for the face and body.


This is a necessary tool for goat farmers because the hooves may need trimming from as early as one month old. Prepare a schedule for monthly trimming as the rate of regrowth is very high.


Rise in temperature is the first indication that your goat is ill and needs medicate or veterinary checkup. Having a rectal thermometer gives you the ability to tell if your goat is sick before calling for help or putting it on medication.


You can never tell when your goats will need oral drugs administration and more often than not they need assistance to swallow. A drencher ensures that the medicine is placed inside the throat of the goat eliminating any possibility of spillage or refusal. Regular deworming also requires a drencher as it improves efficiency of administration and saves time.


It is important to know how much your dairy goat is taking on a daily basis and the best way is to use a measuring cup when giving food. The amount of food consumed by a goat has a direct impact on the volume of milk produced as well as the state of health. Any change in the amount of food intake means that there will be an improvement or decline in output.