2022 Drought Preparedness

2022 Drought Preparedness

Jul 26 2022 by Chaffhaye


With much of the Western United States in the grip of a severe drought, many livestock producers are already experiencing HAY SHORTAGES due to these widespread conditions. Water supplies are dwindling as a decades-long MEGA-DROUGHT continues to dry up substantial water sources, including some of the nation’s largest reservoirs.

Under abnormally dry conditions, hay supplies diminish, and HAY QUALITY DECLINES. With drought-stricken areas having less grazing pasture, HAY COSTS INCREASE across the country as demand exceeds supply. Many livestock owners are scrambling to purchase whatever hay is available now to feed their herds during the upcoming winter months when hay reserves shrink even more.

With hay prices rapidly increasing and a potential hay shortage looming, now’s the time to stock up on Chaffhaye NON-GMO ALFALFA. Our compressed bags take up far less space than hay bales, are easy to handle, and provide an extended storage life.* We chop and package our product at 50% MOISTURE to preserve essential nutrients generally lost in dry hay. Meanwhile, anaerobic cultivation takes place inside each air-tight bag producing highly beneficial ENZYMES and PROBIOTICS. Chaffhaye’s cultured end product improves digestion, increases nutrient absorption, and provides health benefits well beyond the fundamental nutrition of the forage.

*Sealed weather-proof bags can be stored inside or outside.