Chaffhaye for Chickens

The Chaffhaye process utilizes a cool Lacto-fermentation to break down the phytic acid, and protective enzymes, essentially “unlocking” the nutrition in the forage and making every last bit available to your flock!

Non GMO Verified

From Our Family To Yours

We proudly grow all our alfalfa on our Non-GMO Project Verified family farms.

The Chaffhaye Advantage

Why Chaffhaye is the BEST

Higher digestibility, superior quality and a guaranteed nutritional analysis. Nutritional Analysis

Chaffhaye Saves You

Time and Money

Easy storage, reduction in vet bills and zero waste are just a few of the benefits.

Chaffhaye for Chickens

The Problem

With dry alfalfa

Alfalfa, like most grains and legumes has protective coatings made up of enzyme inhibitors and phytic acid that make the forage nearly indigestible to your birds. These protective devices are nature’s way of protecting the plant until maturity. This may be great for ensuring the survival of the plant, it is not so great for your flock or pocket book.

The Solution

The Chaffhaye process utilizes a cool lacto-fermentation to breakdown the phytic acid, and protective enzymes, essentially “unlocking” the nutrition in the forage and making every last bit available to your flock!

before-fermentation-diagram.png After Fermentation
Before Fermentation Anti-nutrients block the digestive enzymes from reaching nutrients within plant After Fermentation Protective layers are removed “opening up” the nutrition of the alfalfa

Great for Chicks

  • Starts Them Off Right: Early access to semi-moist diets for day-old chicks stimulates gastrointestinal (GI) development and prevents dehydration
  • Rapid Gut Development: Rapid GI tract development after hatch is essential for optimization of digestive function and underpins efficient growth and development as well as a full expression of the genetic potential for production traits
  • Efficient Digestive: Tracts Benefits of moist feeding have been attributed to decreased viscosity of gut contents, greater development of the layer of villi in the digestive segments and reduced crypt cell proliferation

Recommended Feeding

Use as a supplement.

Chickens, ducks, geese- feed 1-1.5 lbs per bird each week

Turkeys & Large Poultry- 2lbs per bird each week


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Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis

AS FED DRY FORM BENEFITS Crude Fiber Max 12.1% 25.9% Required for proper gut motility and digestion. High fiber intake reduces incidence of diarrhea, colic and laminiti...


Feeding Guidelines

Horses 1.5 to 2 lbs of Chaffhaye per hundred weight of animal per day. Ruminants 2.0 to 2.5 lbs of Chaffhaye per hundred weight of animal per day Deer and Exotics Feeding...


Metabolic Characteristics

AS FED DRY FORM BENEFITS Non-Fiber Carbohydrates (NFC) Min 3.2% to 5.4% 7.1% to 12.0% Consists of starch, fermentation acids and pectin. This is a measure of the energy...


How To Store Chaffhaye

How to store an open bag Once opened, Chaffhaye acts like any fresh product. By opening the bag, the forage becomes exposed to oxygen and begins to lose its freshness. As a guide, Cha...