Chaffhaye for Cattle

If you are an owner of prized cattle herd, you have probably faced the difficult challenge of finding quality forage on a consistent basis.

Non GMO Verified

From Our Family To Yours

We proudly grow all our alfalfa on our Non-GMO Project Verified family farms.

The Chaffhaye Advantage

Why Chaffhaye is the BEST

Higher digestibility, superior quality and a guaranteed nutritional analysis. Nutritional Analysis

Chaffhaye Saves You

Time and Money

Easy storage, reduction in vet bills and zero waste are just a few of the benefits.

Chaffhaye for Cattle

It is not always easy to keep the digestive system of your livestock properly functioning, while also meeting a large percentage of your animal’s daily nutrient requirements at a reasonable cost. Chaffhaye provides a solution as a superior alternative to baled hay and processed feeds for your cattle.

Benefits for Cattle

There are unique biological aspects to Chaffhaye that exert health and physiological benefits beyond the nutrition of the forage itself. Chaffhaye undergoes an all natural fermentation process in the package that enlivens it with yeast, enzymes, and beneficial microflora. Chaffhaye’s beneficial microflora, or fiber-digesting bacteria, closely resembles those found in the early fiber-digestion process in the rumen of ruminants. In essence, Chaffhaye “predigests” the forage in the bag. Once consumed, more of its nutrients can be assimilated (absorbed ) in the body, leading to greater nutritional benefit.

How an animal nutritionally utilizes their feed is just as important as what is in that feed. A feed can have all the nutrition in the world but if the animal can not absorb that nutrition it is lost in manure. An animal’s ability to absorb a feed is known as their “biological response” to the feed. With Chaffhaye your cattle will achieve one of the highest possible biological responses.


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21-Year-Old Show Cow

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Guaranteed Nutritional Analysis

AS FED DRY FORM BENEFITS Crude Fiber Max 12.1% 25.9% Required for proper gut motility and digestion. High fiber intake reduces incidence of diarrhea, colic and laminiti...


Feeding Guidelines

Horses 1.5 to 2 lbs of Chaffhaye per hundred weight of animal per day. Ruminants 2.0 to 2.5 lbs of Chaffhaye per hundred weight of animal per day Deer and Exotics Feeding...


Metabolic Characteristics

AS FED DRY FORM BENEFITS Non-Fiber Carbohydrates (NFC) Min 3.2% to 5.4% 7.1% to 12.0% Consists of starch, fermentation acids and pectin. This is a measure of the energy...


How To Store Chaffhaye

How to store an open bag Once opened, Chaffhaye acts like any fresh product. By opening the bag, the forage becomes exposed to oxygen and begins to lose its freshness. As a guide, Cha...