Chaffhaye Alfalfa

For All Classes Of Sheep & Grazers

As a sheep owner, you have probably faced the difficult challenge of finding quality forage on a consistent basis. It is not always easy to keep the digestive system of your sheep properly functioning while also meeting a large percentage of your animals’ daily nutrient requirements at a reasonable cost. Chaffhaye provides a solution as a superior alternative to baled hay and processed feeds

  • Non-GMO Verified 
  • Supreme Quality Alfalfa


Superior Palatability

Soft and leafy like pasture, Chaffhaye provides a pleasant aroma and is coarsely chopped to release enzymes and maintain good gut motility. A kiss of molasses ensures that every last bit is licked clean – even by the most finicky eater!

Top Quality

Chaffhaye is premium alfalfa harvested at optimal plant maturity to maximize nutrients. Chaffhaye is a supreme source of fiber, protein, and nutrients forsheep. Nutritionally, 1 bag of Chaffhaye is equal to 1.5 bales of good quality hay, supporting high milk and meat production.

Copper Safe

At less than 4ppm, Chaffhaye is a copper safe forage for sheep.

Dust Free

Chaffhaye retains natural plant moisture and is 100% dust free, making its ideal for animals with coughing and respiratory ailments.

Zero Waste

Sheep will eat all of Chaffhaye, including stems. This means less waste and pens. Because of the high nutrient absorption of Chaffhaye, up to 50% less manure and waste is generated, reducing cleanup time.

Cost Effective

Chaffhaye is much more nutritious than hay, so the amount of supplements and hard feeds can be greatly reduced. A long shelf life with no loss of nutritional value ensures no wasted feed.


When Changing Feed

Chaffhaye is designed to meet the forage portion of your sheep’s diet. Depending on such factors as age, breed, lactation, available pasture, and whether you are feeding solely Chaffhaye Alfalfa or Chaffhaye along with other forages and grains, an energy and/or vitamin and mineral supplement may be needed. Consult a Chaffhaye representative or your vet for further information.

After observing your sheep for a period of time on Chaffhaye, you may want to increase or decrease by up to 10% to obtain the desired overall body condition and appearance.

Feed changes should be made gradually over a period of 7 to 14 days. Changes in the rate of feeding should not exceed 2 pounds per day.

How to store an open bag

Once opened, Chaffhaye acts like any fresh product. By opening the bag, the forage becomes exposed to oxygen and begins to lose its freshness. As a guide, Chaffhaye will remain fresh for 7 to 14 days, depending on weather conditions. For this reason, an opened bag should be stored out of the sun and re-closed to prolong freshness. Follow these 3 steps to ensure your Chaffhaye stays as fresh as possible.

Step 1
Open the bag

Use a knife or box opener to cut along the top seam of the bag.

Step 2
Roll the top back down

After removing the serving, roll the top back down and press out all the air. DO NOT TRANSFER PRODUCT INTO CONTAINER- this will reintroduce oxygen and shorten the shelf life. 

Step 3
Tape the top down

Or place a heavy object keep rolled down. Set in cool place. If storing for longer than one week, you may remove product to place in individual freezer bags and freeze to keep fresh.

The Best Method

The Chaffhaye bag is specifically engineered to extend the forage’s shelf-life. For that reason, we recommend always storing your Chaffhaye  inside the original bag. For best results, do not place inside containers as this can heat the product.

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Created with Compare Ninja

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